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2024 District 1 Umpire Clinic

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Little League Volunteer Umpires,


Serving as a Little League volunteer umpire is a lot of fun and a terrific opportunity to make a positive impact for our kids! YOU are part of this very special group of individuals who have stepped forward to serve in a challenging and sometimes thankless role—all so that our kids can have the best Little League experience possible. 


The quality of umpiring in Little League directly affects the quality of the game experience for our young players, so we’re always striving to improve our craft. To that end, District One is excited to be presenting a full weekend umpire clinic in 2024! We invite you to what will be an effective and worthwhile event for you—and a fun one, too!


Who is the clinic for?

This clinic is carefully built for new-ish umpires—volunteers with 0 to 3 years of umpiring experience. Youth umpires are welcome to attend. 


What will be covered?

This clinic will focus on 60’ mechanics—that is, Majors Baseball and below and all divisions of Softball. You will receive training and practice in field mechanics, game management, rules, and the “spirit” of Little League umpiring. Our goal is to get you prepared, confident and excited to get out and start working games once your season starts!  

Clinic Outline




  • The Spirit of Little League Umpiring                           
  • Uniform & Equipment                                                
  • Strike Zone and Batter’s Box                                       
  • Plate Mechanics Round One                                       
  • Game Management: Pace of Play                              



  • Calls/mechanics at bases                              
  • Rules Block One                                                          
  • Plate Mechanics Round Two                                       
  • Rules Block Two                                                          
  • Lunch: Working with a Partner                                   
  • Gym Station 1: ball in infield, PU movement, BU movement/angle/distance/calls
  • Gym Station 2: ball in outfield, BU moving in to working area from A/B/C
  • Gym Station 3: PU movement: plays at plate, wedge, popups, 1st to 3rd, opening gate
  • Gym Station 4: B & C positions: angle/distance, double plays, steals
  • Game Management: Plate Meeting and Pre-Game                     
  • Strike Three                                       




  • Game Management: Situation Handling                    
  • Plate Mechanics Round Three                                    
  • One Umpire Situations                                               
  • Q&A  


Where is the clinic?

Rosehill Community Center in Mukilteo and the Harbour Pointe Middle School Gym.


When is the clinic?

Friday, March 1, 6–9pm

Saturday March 2, 9am–5pm followed by an optional “umpire social” at Tapped Public House in Mukilteo

Sunday March 3, 10am–1pm


How much does it cost?

The clinic costs $35. You will receive a t-shirt and other umpire goodies, refreshments every day plus lunch on Saturday, and 14 hours of dedicated umpire instruction from experienced D1 volunteer umpires—we hope that sounds like a pretty great deal! We know that giving your entire weekend to an umpire clinic is a lot to ask, and your clinic staff is laser-focused on honoring your time by doing everything we can to make every minute worthwhile and fun.


Questions about the clinic?

Email District 1 Staff Umpire Jason Becker at [email protected].


Clinic Staff:

Jason Becker, District 1 Umpire Staff
Shane Boekenoogen, District 1 Umpire Staff

Regina Boyd, District 1 Umpire in Chief

Ron Bryant, District 1 Umpire

Mark Califano, District 1 Staff

Ryan Chartrand, District 1 Umpire Staff

Al Gingras, Mill Creek Little League Umpire

Michael Golebiewski, District 1 Umpire Staff

Brandon Hamm, Mill Creek Little League Umpire in Chief

Bob Harns, District 1 Umpire Staff

Jeff Kallstrom, Snohomish Little League Umpire in Chief

Steve Knowlton, Sky Valley Little League Umpire in Chief

Mike Lechnar, District 1 Umpire Staff

Tim Neal, Everett Little League Umpire in Chief

Gerritt Nelson, Minor League Baseball Umpire, Everett Little League Alumni

Craig Tashiro, Mill Creek Little League Umpire

Dennis Williams, Little League West Region Umpire in Chief

District One gratefully acknowledges the City of Mukilteo for their Co-Sponsorship Grant enabling the use of Rosehill Community Center classrooms for our event!