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Combined Team Formation

District Responsibilities

  • Combined teams shall be coordinated by the Interleague Director
  • Combined team requests MUST be received no later than the date as designated on the interleague calendar. Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • District will transfer the players from the non-Host league to the HOST team in Stacked Sports
  • Combined Teams must be approved by the District Administrator and Little League International prior to the start of team practices. The Combined Team for is necessary per Little League rules to document combined teams.
  • The ADA Interleague (ADAI) shall provide to league Presidents the Combined Teams list by sport/division to enable league Presidents to intitate the Combined Team form for their league in the LL Data Center.

League Responsibilities for Registering Players for Combined Teams

  • Registering Players
    • Each league MUST create a registration category for EVERY level of play, even if they are not planning to hosting a team.
    • All players MUST register with their HOME league
  • Request for Combined Team
    • When an inadequate number of players are registered to form a team, the league shall contact ADA-Interleague Director, within the Combined Team request period, and provide the following: 
    • Player Age
    • Sport and Divisions
    • Name (s) of approved managers or coaches.
    • Leagues registering six (6) or more players in a division will be considered for HOST team
    • The HOME league of each player is responsible for notifying players of placement.
  • Registration of Combined Teams
    • All players must be assigned to a team in their HOME league
    • HOST Team
      • ADAI will identify the HOST team
      • Host League will register the team with the District Interleague Team registration.
      • The HOST league will register this team with the Little League through the Data Center.
    • Non-Host League
      • The HOME league must assign players to a team, example "SB JN Transfers", within your league Stacked Sports. Do not register team for Interleague play.
      • Each HOME league must register this sport/division with Little League through the Data Center.
      • Players will be transferred within the Stacked Sports software to the roster of the HOST team by the ADAI.
      • Player's HOME League will be responsible for providing the HOST team's league president with each player's registration form, including the medical release, emergency contacts, and the player/parent's concussion compliance acceptance.
      • The player's HOME league is responsible for the player throughout the season, including tournament play, if applicable.
  • Little League Combined Team form (HOST & non-Host league)
    • Upon receipt of the Combined Team list from the ADAI, each league President will initiate the Combined Team form in the Little League Data Center and submit for approval of the District Administrator and Little League International within the designated deadline. Note: Deadlines will be announced with the distribution of the Combined Team list.

Dual Roster Players

  • Leagues shall be permitted to dual roster players between eligible divisions

  • Dual rostered players MUST meet age requirements for each division in which they are rostered
  • Teams must contain at least 10 NON-dual rostered players to participate in interleague play

Pool Players

  • Leagues shall be permitted to utilize pool players in accordance with the Operating Policies of Little League
  • Pool players shall be permitted in the Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior divisions only
  • See the specific Division rules for additional Pool Player requirements