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Interleague Divisions for 12 & under

Each League planning to participate in Interleague play MUST align their playing divisions as detailed below.

League Ages Pitching Special Games Post Season Tournament
BB Majors 10 -12 yrs Player Yes
BB Minors "AAA" 8* - 11 yrs Player Yes
BB Farm 7* - 9 yrs Coach or Machine & Player No
BB Rookie 6 - 8 yrs Coach or Machine No
SB Majors 10 - 12 yrs Player Yes
SB AAA 8* - 11 yrs Player TBD
SB Rookie 6 - 8 yrs Coach or Machine No

*Limited space available for players League Age 8 in AAA Divisions and League age 7 in Farm Baseball. Subject to District Interleague Waiver rules.

Interleague Minor Division Player Options

Washington District 1 shall make available to properly registered players the option for placement in the level of play as outlined above, OR the option for consideration of placement into the next level of play. Consideration for placement in the next level of play is subject to the following:

  • Consideration is at the discretion of home league of the player and a request IS NOT a guarantee for placement in next level of play.
  • The League shall agree to comply with all guidelines of Washington District 1 Little League for Interleague play.
  • The recommendation of the home league is required and shall be subject to an on-field skill assessment of the subject player(s). The League shall also consider overall player safety, age AND roster availability.
  • No more than TWO (2) League Age 8 year old's may be placed on a team roster at the next level of play.
  • No more than TWO (2) League Age 7 year old's may be placed on a team roster at the next level of play. This applies to Farm baseball only.
  • The recommendation of the League President and Player Agent is required. The approval of the League Board of Directors is required.
  • The decision of the District 1 Administrator (or their designee) is required, is binding and cannot be changed.

    Each League shall provide the District 1 Administrator, or their designee, an accurately completed Interleague Player Exception for each player approved by the subject league. The Agreement (s) must be submitted no later than a date designated by the ADA-Interleague Director. Late documents will not be accepted.

Interleague Divisions Teenage

Division League Ages Diamond Size Special Games Post Season Tournament
BB Intermediate 11 - 13 yrs 70 ft. TBD
BB Juniors 12 - 14 yrs 90 ft. TBD
BB Seniors 13 - 16 yrs 90 ft. TBD
SB Majors 10 - 12 yrs60 ft.TBD
SB Juniors 11 -14 yrs 60 ft. TBD
SB Seniors 13 - 16 yrs 60 ft. TBD