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District 1 Post Season Tournament Play

District 1 Leagues may host Post Season Tournament Play typically beginning the weekend after Memorial Day. Leagues must submit a Little League Special Games request to host tournaments. All post season tournaments will use regular season rules. District 1 will assign teams to participate in tournaments. Below is a listing of possible tournaments, based on those available in past years:

Tournament of Champions (TOC) may be offered for Majors Baseball & Softball for top finishing teams of each league in District 1. Teenage divisions may offer TOC if host league and interest is present.

Invitational Tournaments may be hosted for AAA Baseball & Softball divisions and above. Participation is open to all teams which are not participating in the division's TOC. District 1 will assign participants to each of these tournaments.

  • JKA Tournament. Hosted by Everett Little League for Major Baseball teams.
  • Marge Sweet Woodbat Memorial Tournament. Hosted by Alderwood Little League featuring wood bat play for Major Baseball teams. Tournament played in honor The Lady Ump, Marge Sweet.
  • Strawberry Tournament. Hosted by Marysville Little League for Major Baseball teams at Cedar Field. 
  • Minors Invitational. Open to AAA Baseball or Softball, Baseball hosted by Mill Creek Little League the last several years.