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Regina Boyd
2018 Western Region Umpire Clinic

March 9th & 10th

Tyee High School in SeaTac, WA

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2018 Regional Umpire Training

District 1 Staff Umpires are partnering with local leagues regionally for Umpire Training this spring. Feedback has shown that local leagues would like to host training events rather than coordinating to attend one major district-wide training which may not fit locally with each league calendar or travel is too far. Therefore our approach to training this spring is partnering with you and your local league supporting your efforts.

If you have additional local umpire training scheduled let us know how District Staff Umpires can support and if we can promote your training to other leagues. We have District Umpires willing to partner with your local league either running training or supporting your leadership. Partnering with neighboring leagues is an ideal way of getting the most out of your training efforts as well. Several south end leagues are collaborating together for training in early March.

View the current listing of 2018 Regional Umpire Training Events here. Every league is invited to attend - each clinic will have a unique approach and cover different material.

Thank you,

Regina Boyd Larry Metz
WA District 1 UIC Pacigic Little League UIC
UIC@littleleaguewad1.org umpire@gmail.com

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