District 1 Little League

Charter Your League for 2019

It is that time of year again to complete your League Charter with Little League International. This process can be completed on the Data Center.

It is essential that you complete your Charter and submit it to Little League International prior to December 31st. The completion and submission of the Charter activates your insurance policy for the 2019 calendar year.

While you do not have to pay your Charter fees at the time of submission, you do have to pay the liability portion. If you do not pay the liability insurance portion of the Charter fee you do not have any insurance. Therefore, any meetings, clinics tryouts or practices are not insured and you as President assume full responsibility and liability. It was emphasized that if something was to happen and you didn't not complete your Charter (or pay the liability fee) Little League International would not back date the policy to cover you. Please complete the Charter and pay your liability policy fee!

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League Contacts for District 1

Update D1 Directory: District 1 will utilize the internal directory provided from your Stack sports League Admin --> Board & Staff members to communicate with league officials. Please keep this data updated, click here for instructions.