District 1 Little League

Player Agent Role: October to December

(1) 2018 District 1 Training: Best Practice for Player Management - Role of the Player Agent; Spring Registration, including pre-season planning, registration and waivers; Tournament Play selection process & teams; Training & Development Season; and District 1 Resources.

(2) 2017 District 1 Training: Player Agent Registration & Role - Registration in four steps (1) Gather information, (2) Customize, (3) Protect your league & board members, and (4) Communication both externally and internally. Role of the Player Agent overview, includes document collection, waivers, and representation of players during the season.

(3) Review & Planning for New Season/Year In 2018, the baseball league age change impacts two groups (1) a large number of league age 12's may effect Major and Intermediate division sizes; and (2) players with May - Aug birthdates 2002 - 2004 will "skip" two years in league age.

(4) Set Up Registration
2018 District 1 Team Set Up & Regsitration
Player Registration Detailed Volunteer Registration Detailed
Tips for Bonzi Set Up
Role of The Player Agent: December to March

(1) Registration Management

(2) Documentation Collection

(3) Advertise Program

(4) Team Formation & Draft

(5) Interleague Registration/Combined Teams Instructions for 2018 District 1 Team Set Up & Regsitration; also visit Interleague Pages for general overview of Interleague and links to Divisions and Team Registration

Role of the Player Agent: March to May

(1) Waivers for playing age variances or residency, including Reg II(d), IV(h), should be completed prior to the start of the season.

(2) Manage Player Concerns

(3) Prepare for All Stars Tournament Resources. Attend training in early May, see calendar for date.

Role of the Player Agent: All Stars

(1) Team Selection Process

(2) Certification of Teams Annual training for Tournament Certifcation will occur on May 10, 2018, see calendar for details.