District 1 Little League

2018 Spring Interleague
2018 Interleague Managers Meeting
March 19,2018
Baseball 70/90-ft
March 20, 2018
Baseball 60-ft
March 21, 2018
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Interleague Director
Paul Dini


Joyce Dini
Purpose of Spring Interleague

District shall have the policy of assisting Leagues to involve as many players as possible participating in Little League Baseball and Softball when the following circumstances exist:

  • Leagues do not have enough players to form a division alone, the district shall form a common division for these teams to play against other leagues in the district.
  • Leagues do not have enough players to form a team, district shall facilitate combining such players with a nearby league to form a team.
Participation Requirements for Leagues

Participation in Interleague play is optional. Leagues choosing to participate MUST meet the following requirements before registered teams will be accepted and scheduled.

League Documents. Each league shall be required to submit to the District Administrator the following documents:

  1. Most current copy of the league Constitution and By-Laws
  2. A current Fiscal Year Budget, 990 Tax Return and current 5013c status
  3. ASAP Plan
  4. Little League Charter

Interleague Team Binders. Each team participating in interleague play shall be required to have in their possession at all times a team binder prepared by their league. That binder shall contain the following items:

  1. Copy of each player registration including medical release and emergency contact information.
  2. Evidence of each volunteer's successful completion of Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest training.

Additional items may be included by your league. Click here for a list of additional items suggested by the ADA Safety Officer.

Expectations. Each League is required to comply with all Interleague Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures

Manager Meeting. Each team participating in interleague play is required to have each manager attend the Pre-Season Interleague Managers meeting for their division of play. Failure to do so will result in the team being removed from the Interleague schedule. The meetings are scheduled for March 19-21, 2018, dates are published to the District calendar.

Organization Structure of Spring Interleague

The Assistant District Administrator of Interleague Baseball and Softball (ADAI) shall administer the program. The ADAI shall be assisted by the following Volunteers:

  • ADA- Player Agent - responsible for assisting leagues with questions regarding player registration and eligibility, and general setup and use of the Bonzi platform
  • ADA-Interleague Scheduler - responsible for ensuring compliance with District scheduling guidelines and posting/updating schedules on the District website
  • Interleague Division Coordinator - At the discretion of ADA Interleague Director, additional volunteers may be designated to assist in organizing specific divisions, administering pitch count, or scheduling of games