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District 1 Training

Tournament Documentation Training

May 9, 2019

Open to all Board Members participating in Document preparation for Tournament play.

Each league must have at least one representative attend.

LL Tournament Rules
Tournament Rules & Guidelines
2018 Baseball Rulebook
pgs. 121 - 151
2018 Softball Rulebook
pgs. 115 - 143

2018 Rule Changes & Clarification (Link)

2019 Document Certification
Player Agents and Presidents ONLY may sign up for Document Certification; ONE time slot per night only. Link for 2019 Sign Up.
Softball Baseball 70/90 ft Baseball 60 ft
June 5th June 6th June 13th
Madison Clubhouse (6415 Morgan Rd, Everett) Phil Johnson Ballfields
District 1 All Star Documentation Resources

2019 All Star Document Collections PowerPoint Presentation by Ed Lundberg outlining expectation for Tournament Documentation for leagues of District 1.

Tournament Resource Webpage: Little League homepage for Tournament Resources.

2019 Little League Webinar Affidavit: Little League video tutorial on creating Tournament Affidavit.

2019 District 1 All Star Binder checklist: Player Agent resource for binders; paperwork should be placed in same order as indicated on checklist. Page 1 (Organizational items) Page 2 (Players) Recommend bringing checklist to Document Check, ONE set per book, to record missing/incomplete information.

Little League Forms & Publication page where the following documents are located:

Proof of Residency Requirements - Operations section. Additional information available in LL Rulebook, "Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirement" section.
Regulation II(d) & Regulation VI(h) forms. Operations section. Additional information available in LL Rulebook under Regulation II section and Regulation IV section. Note: Forms must be completed in the first year a player resides out of boundaries, for all players not just tournament participants.

School Enrollment - Operations section. Additional information available in LL Rulebook, "Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirement" section. For returning players = Recommend adding a new School Enrollment form from current school year. If player changes school AND the new school is within league boundaries, complete a new PTVF and attach new school enrollment. If a player changes school AND the new school is outside league boundaries, then complete Reg II(d) using the old school address and attach to the existing PTVF (use the old school address on map.)

Player Tournament Verification Form - Tournaments: General section. To be completed for all first year tournament participants OR when any change to a player's existing PTVF occurs.

Medical Release - ASAP: Insurance, Medical & Claims section. To be completed by player. Player Agents must complete "For League Use Only" section on each form.

Model Release - Media section. To be completed by player. Player Agents must complete "For League Use Only" section on each form.

2019 D1 LL All Star T-Shirt Roster Form Player Agent to complete with coach & player names as they should appear on the District 1 t-shirts which will be available for purchase at tournament sites.

Baseball Bat Information For Baseball ONLY.

Tournament Combined Teams

Step 1 The ADA Player Agent will keep a list of interest in combined touranment team. League Presidents should email the ADA Player Agent as soon as possible with interest in combined tournament team. Include the sport (baseball or softball); division of play; number of anticipated players to combined; and number of manager/coach candidiates. This list will be shared with presidents/player agents with similar needs. League Presidents will coordinate combined teams for tournament. If a tryout process is required when a combined team is formed, the league Presidents should agree to a process which evaluates & selects players fairly.

Step 2 Once a combined tournament team is agreed upon, both leagues must complete the "Tournament Combined Team request" form in the Data Center. This form is located under "Manage Forms" from the home page. The HOST league only must enroll the team for tournament in the Data Center. Fro more information, view the video tutorial.

Step 3 Tournament Combined Team form must be approved by District, Western Region/Little League Charter Committee. Once the approval is recieved, a copy of the Tournament Combined Team form should be printed for the team binder.

Step 4 All leagues will need to assist in the preparation of the combined team binder.

a) Each player's HOME league will prepare the Player Tournament Verification Form. A player's HOME league president must sign their PTVF.
b) Each player's HOME league will confirm the player meets tournament eligibility and provide scorebooks as needed.
c) Each manager/coaches' HOME league will provide the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Certification certificate and the Concussion Training Certification certificiate.
d) All league Presidents & Player Agents are required to sign the completed team Affidavit.
e) The HOST league will provide the binder for approval at the Document Check.