District 1 Little League

Interleague Playing Rules

The official Little League Rule Book shall be followed by all divisions of play.

In addition, District, at its discretion, may designated specific Interleague Rules at each division of play, for purposes of rule emphasis, proper instruction and safety of players and volunteers.

  • All teams shall follow the District Interleague Rules for each respective division of play for the entire season
    • Rules shall be approved by the League President's prior to the start of the season. No changes will occur during the season.
    • NEW 2019 - All Teams Participating in Interleague Play shall follow interleague rules for all games played during the season. This shall include any "in house" games.
    • GENTLEMEN agreements (i.e. agreements between two coaches that change any published rules) or any general modifications to the rules mutually agreed upon by coaches ARE NOT permitted at any time and are subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension of the offending manager(s).
  • Each Interleague Division shall hold a MANDATORY manager's meeting PRIOR to the start of games. The purpose of this meeting shall be to (1) review the Interleague rules, (2) Establish communication among the division managers. Failure for each team to be represented by their Manager is subject to disciplinary action to be administered by the DA and enforced by the League President. This shall include, but not be limited to, the subject team being removed from the Interleague schedule.

Each Team Manager and League President will be provided with a listing of all managers participating in interleague play. This shall include email and cell phone contact information.