District 1 Little League

Pitch Count

Baseball Pitch Count will be set up through the District Stack Sports schedule system. All leagues must enable the Bonzi Team option for all teams participating in Interleague play where the pitch count tracker is located.

Managers should agree on the pitch counts for all pitchers of both teams PRIOR to leaving the field.

Each manager must record the pitch count for their players within 24 hours following a game, or partial game played. For partial game played, view "Suspended Games & Pitch Count Procedures" section for Rescheduling Games.

PENALTY: Managers not reporting pitch counts within 24 hours of a scheduled and competed games will be subject to the following penalties

  • 1st offense = Warning
  • 2nd offense = ONE game suspension for the manager
  • 3rd offense = THREE game suspension for the manager, and referred to DA for additional consideration.
  • The District Administrator retains authority to impose greater penalties at his discretion.
Entering & Viewing Pitch Counts

Pitch counts must be entered by managers within 24 hours of the completion of a game. Click here for instructions.

Individual game pitch count reports can be viewed on the District schedule by using the Game Report option next to the team name on the game schedule.

League Officials may view their teams' pitch count reporting in your Club & League Connect. From the Folder Tree, select the folder (i.e. group) to run the report; then from the top menu select Reports --> Folders & Teams --> Pitch Count Report.