District 1 Little League

9.0 District 1 Interleague Rules Regarding Umpires

General Guidelines

  1. Home team is responsible for providing umpire gear for the home plate umpire.
  2. Each team is required to have at least one team designated umpire and they must attend league provided training prior to the start of games.
  3. If a manager or coach is called upon to umpire they MUST refrain from coaching while umpiring.

Minor league play. The home team shall be responsible to provide one approved adult volunteer umpire for each game. The HOME team umpire shall be positioned behind home plate. The VISITING team shall provide one approved adult volunteer to umpire the bases.

Major's and above. The HOME team shall provide at least one, preferably two, approved and qualified umpires for each game. If one is provided they are required to be the home plate umpire.

At the Major, Intermediate, Junior, and Senior Divisions of Baseball and Softball, the HOME team manager (or one of their coaches) will be required to be the home plate umpire if a qualified league approved umpire is not provided.