District 1 Little League

Interleague Scheduling Groups

Interleague groupings for each division of play will be initially determined based upon the geographic alignment noted below. All groupings are subject to approval of the ADA Interleague (ADAI).

  • Groups for each division shall be determined to obtain the closest geographical proximity of teams
  • Efforts will be made to balance the number of teams in each Interleague group of the same division
  • No group shall exceed 12 teams (exceptions must be approved by the ADAI).
  • All teams from a league within a single division of play will participate in the same Interleague group
North Division South Division
Everett Stanwood Camano Alderwood Pacific
Granite Falls Stilly Valley Mill Creek Sky Valley
Lake Stevens Tulalip Mukilteo South Snohomish
Marysville North Snohomish
Game Schedule

The Interleague Scheduler will create the game schedule among the group of teams for their respective division in accordance with the dates found on the Interleague Calendar.

The Interleague Scheduler may increase or decrease the number of interleague games scheduled at their discretion. This will be dependent upon the number of teams and leagues represented within each grouping.

Manager Scheduling Conflicts. Draft schedules will be provided to league schedulers who are encouraged to share them with managers to identify potential conflicts. A reasonable amount of time will be provided for leagues and managers to review the schedules for personal conflict. Requested changes due to conflicts MUST be received by District no later than the designated date. District will attempt to resolve the conflicts, but are not guaranteed. However, once the schedule is published to the District Website changes due to personal conflicts will not be accepted.

General Scheduling Guidelines

FORMAT. Use of District provided excel document in column format is required. Other forms WILL NOT be accepted. Game date, time, location, home and away team must be designated on the schedule

BALANCE. The schedule shall be balanced so that (1) each team plays and EQUAL number of home and away games; (2) teams within each group play each other an equal number of times (as applicable)

START/STOP. Interleague games may not start prior to the designated date, and shall be concluded no later than the date designated

    • Leagues with multiple teams may schedule in-house games outside of the interleague play dates.
    • Games will start AFTER spring break, where possible
    • Games will end BEFORE Memorial Day/Start of All stars in divisions affected by post season play
    • The "best effort" will be made to minimize games scheduled during spring break in the Major Softball, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions
    • Games shall be scheduled to start no earlier than 5:30pm on weeknights for fields without lights
    • Games will be scheduled on fields with lights at the direction of those leagues
    • League Jamboree/Family Fun days will not include interleague games and/or away games for the affected leagues.
    • Special requests will be considered on a LIMITED basis.

OFFICIAL SCHEDULE. The District 1 website shall be the official schedule for all teams participating in interleague play.

    • Each schedule shall include all Interleague and in-house games
    • All schedules shall be organized, published and maintained by the District Scheduler
Why Does my Team Connect show TWO Schedules?

The WHITE schedule is the District schedule which is shared amongst all leagues/teams participating in District Interleague play for that sport/division. The District game is the location where pitch count and scores should be entered by managers.

The second schedule will appear when your league publishes the schedule through their league scheduler, typically for scheduling umpires or tracking field use.

The two schedules should match, if not, the manager should contact your league scheduler and/or opposing manager to verify game details and provide updated information to District Scheduler or your League Scheduler.