District 1 Little League

Scores & Standings

Score and Standings shall only be kept in the Division of Majors and above for purposes of interleague play. All scores must be entered into the District schedule which will create standings for each sport/division.

The home team manager shall be responsible for entering the game score within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

Guidelines for Rescheduling Games

Managers are expected to confirm in advance of each game the location, time, and field; and status of inclement weather, if pending.

Inclement Weather. All efforts should be made to play games safely in inclement weather.

  • A minimum two-hour notice is to be provided if a game is cancelled due to weather. Failure to provide proper notice may be grounds for forfeit and the game will not be rescheduled.
  • If a two-hour notice is not possible, failure to show up at the field to greet and notify the team of the cancellation shall be grounds for forfeit and the game will NOT be rescheduled.


  • Cancelled or suspended games due to weather/field conditions or school activities MUST be rescheduled. See section below regarding pitch count for suspended games.
  • Games canceled due to player availability, other than school events, shall NOT be rescheduled
Game Cancellation Policy for AAA, FARM, & ROOKIE DIVISIONS
  • Games cancelled due weather or school events are not required to be rescheduled
  • Games cancelled due to player availability, or than school events, shall not be rescheduled
  • Teams should play a minimum of 12 games per season

Reschedule Procedure for All Interleague Games
  • Rescheduling of games shall be the responsibility of the managers.
  • It is the responsibility of the home team manager to provide a field for a rescheduled game.
  • The following rescheduled game information must be provided to the District scheduler (scheduler@littleleaguewad1.org) to update the District schedule:
    • District Schedule Game Number (Located on the district game schedule*)
    • Reason for Cancellation or Reschedule
    • New Game Date, Time, and Location
  • For Suspended Games, view section below for more information

* Note: Keep track of the game number for reporting the reschedule information. Once a game is reported as rained out, the game will be unscheduled, meaning the date/time/location is removed, and the game will no longer be visible on the schedule.

Suspended Game & Pitch Count Procedure

When a game is suspended due to weather (rule 3.10(b)), stopped with tie score or otherwise does not meet Rule 4.10 for a regulation game, the following steps should be followed:

For the PLAYED PORTION of the Original game:

  • HOME team manager should contact the District scheduler to report the incomplete game, include original game number/information.
  • For Baseball:
    • Both managers should enter Pitch Count for the portion of the game PLAYED on the Original game date.
    • The game will be adjusted on the District scheduler as "do not count towards team standings."
    • The game will remain on the schedule so that pitch count is recorded and tracked on that date.
  • For Softball, the game will be "unscheduled" same as rainout.
  • Score should NOT be entered at this time.

SCHEDULING the Resumed game:

  • Follow the process outlined in "Rescheduling Games" above.
  • HOME team manager report the resumed game date, time, and location to District Scheduler, include original game number and identify as resumed game.
    • For Baseball: A "new" game will be added to the schedule for the resumed portion of the game. This game will count towards standings.
    • For Softball: The original game will be "moved" to the new date/time/location.


  • Follow Little League rules related to resuming a suspended game. Click here for brief summary of rules related to resumed games; your league UIC is also a resource for questions or clarifications.
  • Upon completion of the resumed game
    • Pitch Count Entry for Baseball: Enter pitch count for the resumed game, i.e. the portion of the game played on this date ONLY, into the new/resumed game.
    • For Baseball & Softball: Enter the final game score into the new/resumed game.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two schedules on my Team Connect? One schedule is posted by District 1 and is the MASTER SCHEDULE to be followed by all teams. This schedule is shared between all participating teams in the division via Bonzi Team pages. The District schedule hosts the baseball pitch count record which is shared between all participating teams. It is the responsibility of the HOME team manager to ensure the game date, location and time is accurate, see instructions above.

A second schedule which may appear in your Bonzi team is posted by your league. This occurs when a league opts to use the Stack Sports Umpire scheduling system or the field management system. These items are league specific, and coordinated at the league level, therefore the schedule must be added to their league's Bonzi program.

The two schedules should be the same. If they are not, the HOME TEAM MANAGER should contact District 1 scheduling, the opposing manager, and/or the league scheduler as needed to update the schedules so that all teams and umpires arrive at the same time and place for a game!

Can we play a double header? For major divisions and above - yes. For minor divisions and T-ball - no. Refer to Rule 3.11, 4.13, Reguilation VII(d) and Softball Regulation VI(e) which address double headers.