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WA District 1 Little League Update

Currently Snohomish County is in Phase 2. Under Phase 2, teams are able to have limited practices as stated below. Games can resume in Phase 3. We are hoping that when we enter Phase 3 that we will be able to start a late summer/fall league. Please check with your local league for more information on playing opportunities.

• In Phase 2, team practice can resume if a) players are limited to groups of five in separate parts of the field, separated by a buffer zone and b) practice can follow social distancing of a minimum of five feet between players with no contact. Each league, organization, or club must publish and follow a "return to play" safety plan. Parents and household members must not congregate on the sidelines during practice."

• In Phase 3, teams can resume playing games. Total gathering at any one game cannot exceed 50 individuals. For sporting complexes with multiple fields or other playing surfaces, the 50- individual limit is counted on a per-field, not a per-complex basis. • Nothing in these requirements should be read to obligate a facility owner to reopen a facility.

Please access the "Return to Play" safety plan at the individual leagues web site.

Thank-you to all of you for your commitment to safety with our players in your leagues.

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If you have any questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doug Sheldon

Washington District 1 District Administrator