District 1 Little League

Fall Ball Director 2019
Fall Ball General Information for Season
Team Binder

It is recommended leagues provide managers with a Team Binder during the Fall Ball season (similar as required for Spring Interleague play). Click here for details.

Little League Second Season

Little League's second season gives leagues a great opportunity to lengthen their season and provide additional training and development opportunities to players of all ages. A second season program may be operated any time after the conclusion of the regular season and continue into early winter. Leagues may choose to runity additional programs such as Summer Ball, Fall Ball or Winter Training. These programs also follow the LIttle League rules for player eligbility, such that players must register with their home league for participation, and cannot register with neighboring leagues. Players must meet the 2019 age eligibility for the division of participation.

District 1, as determined by the presidents, will provide Interleague Play for the Fall Ball season.. This program is optional for District 1 leagues, and may not be available at all leagues. Fall Fall is an instructional program designed to prepare players for the next level of play.

Please check with your home league (Little League Finder) by visiting the league website or inquiring via email (Leagues of District 1) to learn more about the second season offered by your league.

Guide to Operating a Little League Second Season: Summer & Fall Ball Programs

2019 Fall Ball Divisions
Sport/Division League Ages (2018) Diamond Size Pitching Games per Week Division Notes
Baseball Juniors 13 - 15 yrs 90 ft. Player 2 - 3 * 15 yr old cannot pitch
Baseball Intermediate 11 - 12 yrs 70 ft Player 2 - 3*
Baseball Majors 10 - 11 yrs 60 ft. Player 2
Baseball AAA 8 - 9 yrs 60 ft. Player 2 Experienced 8 yr olds.
Baseball Farm 7 - 8 yrs 60 ft Combination 2 Recommended for NEW 8 yr olds
Softball Juniors 12 - 13 yrs 60 ft. Player 2 - 3 *
Softball Majors 9 - 11 yrs 60 ft. Player 2
Softball Rookie 7 - 8 yrs 60 ft Coach 2

Fall Ball player age is the SAME as their Spring 2018 league age.

Divisions of play offered for game play is dependent on the number of teams registered. Registering teams as soon as possible will enable prompt decision on ability to offer each level game play.

* Baseball 13-15 yrs & 11-12 yrs abd Softball 12-13 yrs may offer double header games on weekends with the option for weeknight games.

2019 Fall Ball Timeline
July 20th
Fall Ball Registration begins
Players register with their local league, check with your league for registration dates
Aug 5th
Team Registration Closes for participation in District 1 Fall Ball
Player Registration varies by league, check with your local league for information
Aug 5th
Team Practices begin
Date may vary by league, check with your local league
Aug 22ns
Fall Ball District Managers Meeting
Attendance is mandatory for all managers, Time/Location TBD
Aug 26th
District 1 Fall Ball schedules released
Sept 3rd
Fall Ball Games begin
Oct 19th
Fall Ball Season ends